Pure Natural Organic Beeswax Sphere Circle Pillar Candles 2.5" 4.6oz.

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Sphere circle beeswax pillar candle

Our Pillar beeswax candles may be varies in size, like all our beeswax candles, they still give off a bright cheery light and delicate honey scent. Each hypo-allergenic Organic beeswax candle is hand crafted using a lead-free 100% cotton wick and lightly filtered 100% pure beeswax from the USA. Our Pillar beeswax candles make perfect additions to many of the small places around your home: bathrooms and kitchen to name a few .All our pillar candles are hand poured these comes full sized and some might not look full the same way as we try our best to make them identical but with handmade comes the chance of them not being identical in fullness and that what makes it perfect. you can see no machines where involved in the making process. Honey Scented Our beeswax candles are naturally honey scented. Scent and color varies slightly based on honey, pollen, and propolis present in the beeswax. A candle's scent throw varies based on personal sensitivities and environment. Burn time will vary according to size candles that is purchased and on your environment and burning preferences. Our burn times are conservative averages, not a guarantee. Results will vary. Proper wick maintenance helps. Our beeswax comes direct from beekeepers in the Tri state area our beeswax is specifically from Pennsylvania where the honey bees fly among The Mountain Laurel and a large array of wildflowers. The resulting wax is a beautiful shade of yellow that has an aromatic honey fragrance. We simply reshape the bees' creation; the color and the scent are made by the hardworking bees.

Why chose beeswax: 1. Beeswax purifies the air 2. Bees are extremely essential and important to the ecosystem because without bees, pollination of flowers would not be possible and hence food production would not take place. 3. Beeswax is clean and emits no chemicals.

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