Introducing the amazing coconut wax

Krystal Gillies on Aug 12th 2017

From the dawn of modern age men have been using candles as a means to light the way. There are multiple types of wax that are great but there is one that is not so recognized and It performs just as good as other wax or ever better. It burns clean smells amazing when there is fragrance added to it less or more it is just there undeniable open as decoration or lite. The fragrance throw is amazing. Its creamy not as hard and it looks amazing. This undiscovered wax is coconut wax. What can i say about this wax. Its Natural and organic. Clean. Has no chemicals just pure and natural. And the burn time is great. We off this wax in our line of candles. From tea light to clear beautiful unique glass containers. We recommend this type of wax for those who are allergic to other types of wax. And to those who would love just to try it out.