Natural or Organic Candles

Jun 22nd 2023

Natural or Organic Candles

Natural and organic candles:

With a wealth of different candle products available to individuals around the world it's sometimes very difficult to consider the correct types of candles for your needs. Natural and organic candles are an increasing movement BearNaturalOrganics we believe in stocking the only organic beeswax candles, natural palm wax candles, organic coconut wax candles and natural soy wax candles.

The advantage of natural and organic candles involves getting away from many of the chemical ingredients and solutions that many candle manufacturers now rely on for producing their products. By stocking organic candles it's possible to do away with the harmful manufacturing methods as well as the chemical perfumes and scents which are more commonly found in some of the top candle brands today.

Rather than using petroleum-based products, chemical wax additives and chemical scents, you can enjoy candles which are produced without the use of harsh chemicals and with all natural scents derived from natural oils and organic essential oils only. With these types of solutions it possible to enjoy a product that is better for the environment, better for indoor air quality and an improvement for your home overall.

Handmade ingredients and organic candles often burn at a much slower rate and with a greater quality than their chemical alternatives. There's a reason why many of these top natural ingredients used in our candles have seen continued use over hundreds if not thousands of years. Through our methods for making organic and natural candles we produce kosher, non-toxic and environmentally friendly products in a sustainable manner.

Although our products may take a little more time then the mass-produced chemical alternatives we still believe in delivering value in our natural and organic candle products. At Bear Natural we will continue to remain competitive within our industry providing some of the best pricing on all natural candle products. We are committed to delivering ongoing value as well as quality for our customers.