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Its My Birthday Scented Handmade Shea Butter Soap 4 oz Body Bar

Bear Natural Organics

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Product Overview

Handmade with saponified oils and butters these soap smells just like fresh baked birthday cake. This soap was made the old fashion way to leave you skin feeling smooth.

  • Smells like a party while taking a shower
  • Made a Introduce Glycerin which is great for your skin
  • Bubbly and Long Lasting
  • Made with Saponified Oils and Shea Butter
  • Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed with well moisturized skin from the Shea butter in this soap with a blend or skin loving oils
  • Handmade using top quality ingredients such as Shea butter and our blend of skin loving oils to soften and moisturize your skin
  • Birthday Scented get a nostalgic feeling while taking a bath with the sweet smell of birth day cake we have review saying it smell like play doe you decide.
  • Perfectly packaged for gift giving with a window and minimal packaging no plastic.
  • Artisan soap that's great value for money put one in your guess bathroom


(No reviews yet) Write a Review